Pioneer DVR-LX70 DVR-LX70h Code Free DVD Recorder
New Pioneer DVD Recorder with 500GB Harddrive
Records in both NTSC and Pal
Plays all region movies

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  Pioneer DVR-LX70 Pal/NTSC DVD Recorder


  Complete Solution

Pioneer DVR-LX70  Pal/NTSC DVD Recorder
15 Free blank DVD-R discs
2 FREE RCA (composite cables)
Free S-Video cables ($20 value)
FREE Coax Antenna cable
DP3000 copy enhancer
  (Allows you to make backup copies of copyrighted DVD and VHS movies) $249 value

Lifetime All region Guarantee


The DVD made on this model will be all regions you can play it on any DVD player in the World, even on PAL DVD players. You can send the DVD made on this recorder to a PAL or NTSC country.

Creating the right atmosphere for any story requires an immense attention to detail.
Thats why our DVD recorder is designed to upscale standard format signals up to 1080p for high-definition screens.

And its why youre assured of an experience miraculously close to HD no matter what you watch. Considering you can also play high quality audio discs (Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio), its the same for what you listen to as well.

The HDD/DVD recorder stores up 24 hours on a single DVD-R Dual Layer disc far more than any other HDD/DVD recorder. It also provides a simple and convenient way to exchange MP3 and WMA files with a PC via a USB cable. Music can now be transferred on a scale previously unheard of from the PC directly to the recorders hard disk. Whats more, it uses the highest grade components to ensure that everything you record and play sounds exactly the way it should. IT is Pioneer's top of the line recorder and it is made for WORLD WIDE USE. Modified for Region free playback or any region disc with a life time guarantee.

The World Wide version Pioneer DVR-LX70 opens your world! It lets you record your favorite TV shows* or home movies on its own internal hard disk memory or onto blank DVD discs. The gigantic 500GB harddrive can store up to 1,422 hours of Video. It connects to any old or state of the art tv with HDMI all V1.3 output upto 1080P hd output.  Plus you can do this in any of the World's most popular video formats - NTSC or PAL! It also features the NEW tv tuner for Europe which is the DVB-t HDTV tuner now being utilized in Europe more and more. It also has the analogue Pal and NTSC tuners as well. Now you now can send DVD movies overseas or make them for domestic use. Imagine recordings that combine tape-free convenience with DVD ultra-clean picture and sound quality! Camcorder owners will love making pristine DVD copies of videos for easy playback, or for sharing with friends and family. Plus, the DVR-LX70 is a great CODE FREE ALL ZONE DVD player too! Also with progressive-scan output as well as a 1080p HDMI output for an excellent picture with an HD-compatible TV. This is the best recorder we currently carry and is our Newest model which is the TOP of the Line Pioneer.


Warning: All dvd recorders are encrypted by a copy-protection format that will prevent you from recording copyrighted movies. However, we do have a copy-protection eliminator box that will allow you to record VHS and DVD movies into this dvd recorded. Please remember that the use of this product should be for you own home use only, and should not be used for commercial duplication. These products should only be used to make backup copies of videos under "fair use". We do not promote any illegal copying of copyrighted material.

Key Features:

  • Model variations for the piece are Pioneer DVR-LX70 DVR-LX70H, DVRLX70, LX series Pioneer dvd recorder with 1080p and 500 GB harddrive.

  • HDMI 1080p output

  • Recording and playback in PAL or NTSC- see below under "Recording and Playback" for specific details

  • 500GB Hard Disk Drive (up to 1,422 hrs of recording)
  • Dual Layer Disc Recording (up to 24 hrs)
  • High-Speed Copy from HDD to DVD
  • Electronic Programme Guide (EPG GUIDE Plus+ô)
  • Digital Jukebox
  • Digital Time Base Corrector
  • USB& i Link (DV) terminal
  • Commercial Skip / Back: Use the CM Skip function repeatedly to jump through TV commercials up to 10 minutes forward. CM Back allows you to jump progressively back up to 3 minutes in smaller steps when passed the end of the TV commercial. The CM Skip / Back function can also be used during edit mode.
  • Lifetime all region guarantee on all our modifications

Recording and playback:

  • The DVD made on this model will be all regions you can play it on any DVD player in the World, even on PAL DVD players. You can send the DVD made on this recorder to a PAL or NTSC country.

  • Plays any region PAL or NTSC DVD-Video/DVD-R/DVD-RW/Dual-layer (DL) DVD-R (Video Mode)/DVD-RAM/DVD+R/DL DVD+R/DVD+RW/CD/SVCD/VCD/CD-R/CD-RW

  • Records in PAL or NTSC (dual layer or single layer) on the following media DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM or to Hard Disk

  • Records in PAL or NTSC on DVD-R DVD-+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, and DVD-RAM - Regular or Dual Layer discs

  • The DVD made on this model will be all regions you can play it on any DVD player in the World, even on PAL DVD players. You can send the DVD made on this recorder to a PAL or NTSC country.

  • Records PAL to PAL

  • Records NTSC to NTSC

  • Records PAL to NTSC with the use of a video converter

  • Records NTSC to PAL with the use of a video converter

  • Plays PAL on PAL TV or Multi-System TV

  • Plays NTSC DVDS on Any tv

  • This is the perfect model to use with a Pal tv or a Multi system tv to play any dvd from anywhere in the world. To play DVDs that are Pal on a NTSC (USA standard tv) a Video converter is required)

  • Does not Play PAL on NTSC TV, to do this  you will need to purchase a video converter with this player.

  • Records in "ALL" regions format for worldwide compatibility

LX Series 1080p DVD Recorder with 500GB Hard Disk
All the space you need
The DVR-LX70D is at the high-end of our DVD Recorder line-up. It has a large 500GB hard disk drive; which is enough to hold more than 1,422 hours of your favourite recordings, whether this is film, music or your digital photographs.

Your personal media recorder
The multi-media functions of the DVR-LX70D goes far beyond simply playing back films, music and images.
Simply hook up a portable audio player and enjoy your music played back directly through the recorder. Naturally, you can also copy your favourite tracks quickly and easily to the hard disc for archiving purposes. And if you have music stored on your PC, you can connect it directly and use Windows Media Player to copy all of your MP3 or Windows Media Audio tracks to the recorderís hard disk.

The DVR-LX70D offers the Gracenote database, which automatically inserts the relevant track and artist names, too.

Your digital photo's saved on a memory stick or digital camera can also be viewed directly via the recorder, or copied at high speed onto the hard disk. You can print your pictures directly using a PictBridge-compatible printer. Of course, you can also connect a USB keyboard Ė offering an extremely convenient way of editing titles or navigating the menus if required.

Itís a swift, simple way of integrating your PC into your living room.

Highest definition
The DVR- LX70D offers HDMI output with Deep Colour.
This means that all colour transitions and gradients are reproduced with the highest level of precision. Colours are displayed in 36-bit depth, so what you see is as natural and lifelike as possible.

And if you're watching TV, time becomes less of a challenge, too. You can pause live TV, or use Chase Play - which allows you to playback the programme youíre recording, while youíre recording it.
nd above all, the system is easy to use; one straightforward remote gives you quick and easy access to all the functions you need.

Main Features DVR-LX70D
  • Plays DVD-Video, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-R dual layer
  • DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R double layer
  • MP3, WMA, JPEG, DivX
  • Records DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-R dual-layer
  • DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R double layer
  • MP3, WMA (copy to HDD)
  • Hard Disk Drive (HDD) 500GB
  • Max. Recording Time (HDD) 1,422 hours
  • Recording Modes 7 Modes: XP, SP, LP, EP, SLP, SEP and Manual
  • Electronic Programme Guide Digital and Analogue
  • ShowView Yes
  • Digital Jukebox Yes
  • Entertainment Engine Yes
  • Pause Live TV Yes
  • Chase Play Yes
  • One Touch Recording Yes
  • High Speed Copy Yes
  • Terminals 1 x S-video in/out, 1 x Coaxial out, 1 x Component out, 1 x HDMI out, 1 x DV in, 1 x USB in, 1 x RGB Euro-SCART in/out, 1 x CI Slot
  • HDMI Interface Yes
  • Deep Colour Yes
  • HDMI Control Yes
  • DV Terminal (IEEE1394) Yes
  • USB Yes
  • CI Card Slot Yes
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 420 x 77 x 355 mm
  • Weight 6.6 kg
  • Power Consumption (in use / standby) 60W / 0.7W
    Recording DVR-LX70D
  • Media DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-R dual-layer
  • DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R double layer
  • MP3, WMA (copy to HDD)
  • Preset Recording Modes 6 Modes: XP, SP, LP, EP, SLP, SEP
  • Manual: 32step + 2 (LPCM)
  • Max. Recording Time by Mode XP+: 72 hrs
  • XP: 106 hrs
  • SP: 212 hrs
  • LP: 424 hrs
  • EP: 638 hrs
  • SLP: 850 hrs
  • SEP: 1064 hrs
  • MN: 72 - 1422 hours
  • Pause Live TV: Automatic Recording Yes
  • One Touch Recording Yes
  • VPS/PDC Yes/Yes
  • G Code Yes
  • Variable Bit Rate Recording Yes
  • Linear PCM Recording Yes
  • One Touch DV Import Yes
  • DV2 Stream Audio Downmix Yes
  • Editing Protect disc (VR mode)
  • Accuracy (VR mode)
  • Frame
  • Input disc name, easy title input
  • Seamless playback (VOB)
  • Chapter editing
  • Undo (DVD-R/RW, DVD-+R/RW)
  • Background still picture samples (video mode)
    HDD Functions DVR-LX70D
  • Group Yes
  • Maximum number of titles 999
  • One Touch Copy Yes
  • High Speed Copy Yes
  • Optimized Copy Yes
  • Rate Conversion Copy Yes
  • Disc Backup Yes
  • Recovery Recording Yes
  • HDD Sleep Mode Yes
    Playback DVR-LX70D
  • Media DVD-Video, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-R dual layer
  • DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R double layer
  • MP3, WMA on CD and USB
  • JPEG on CD and DVD
  • DivX on CD-R / CD-R
  • MP3 Yes
  • WMA Yes
  • Gracenote Database Yes
  • JPEG Photo Viewer Yes
  • DivX Playback Yes
  • PAL/NTSC Yes/Yes
  • Virtual Surround Yes
  • Advanced Disc Navigator Yes
  • Chase Play, Playback with Recording Yes
  • Commercial Skip / Back Yes/Yes
    Picture Quality DVR-LX70D
  • 3D Y/C Separation Yes
  • Pure Cinema Progressive Scan Yes
  • Digital Noise Reduction Yes
  • Video DAC 108 MHz / 14-bit
  • Digital Timebase Corrector Yes
    Connections Terminals DVR-LX70D
    Input 1 x Composite (front)
  • 1 x S-Video (front)
  • 1 x DV (front)
  • 1 x USB (front)
  • 1 x RGB Euro-SCART
    Output 1 x Composite
  • 1 x S-Video
  • 1 x Coaxial
  • 1 x Component
  • 1 x HDMI (version 1.3, with 1080p scaling)
  • 1 x RGB Euro-SCART
  • G-LINK (STB Control) Yes
  • System Remote Control Terminal Yes
    Miscellaneous DVR-LX70D
  • Remote Control Yes
  • Auto Clock set up Yes
  • Channel preset download Yes
  • Power requirements AC 110-220 Volts, 50/60Hz
  • This unit does not convert between PAL and NTSC. To record in PAL this unit must receive a PAL signal. To record in NTSC this unit must receive an NTSC signal. If you need to convert signals between PAL and NTSC we suggest you also buy a video converter.