Samsung V6800 multi-system code free DVD/VCR Combo

Samsung V6800 multi-system code free DVD/VCR Combo

Samsung DVD VCR combo region free pal ntsc secam 110 220 volts code free multi region multi system dvd vcr

Price: $179

 DVD/VCR combo only Package 2

  Samung V6800 DVD/VCR combo.

This combo will play Pal and NTSC VHS cassettes, and Any region Pal and NTSC DVD movies. However it will NOT play Pal VHS cassettes or Pal DVDs on a NTSC tv. To do this you will need a Video Converter. Buy the package on the right complete with a Video converter and the DVD/VCR combo if you wish to Play foreign dvd movies and VHS cassettes on a NTSC (USA Standard) TV.

  $179 BUY NOW

  Complete Solution
Samung V6800 DVD/VCR combo.   
International KDV-5000 World Wide Pal/NTSC/Secam Video converter
(Please click here for details converter)

2 FREE RCA (composite cables)
2 Free S-Video cables ($20 value)
Lifetime All region Guarantee on DVD part

 $299 BUY NOW

This package will allow you to play ANY DVD movie or Any VHS cassette from anywhere in the world on any TV. It will work with any Region NTSC, Pal or Secam VHS cassette, except for French Secam L. Also it will work with ANY Pal, NTSC, or Secam TV in the World. You can use it in the USA to play foreign movies, or you can use it Overseas to play USA movies!!


  • PAL/NTSC Playback of ANY movie on pal compatible

Features of the DVD-V6800K:

  • PAL/NTSC Playback of ANY movie. Playback of PAL VHS, PAL DVD movies on a Pal or Multi system tv. This model does not work with video converters.

  • Plays RCE/REA encoded movies also!

  • Play any video media including VHS, S-VHS, DVD, V-CD, Audio CD, MP-3 Audio, CD-R Playback, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, CD-R/RW, WMA, JPEG.

  • Div X Disc Playback

  • EZ View

  • Karaoke functions

  • 2 Front microphone Jacks

  • Guaranteed to play all old, current and future DVD movies including DVDs that are RCE/REA coded.

  • 110 - 240 volt 50/60 Hz Auto Switching

DVD Player Features:

  • Code Free DVD player, For movies encoded with region codes 1 thru 6

  • NTSC playback on PAL TV

  • Pal playback on PAL TV

  • NTSC playback on NTSC TV

  • Dolby Digital and DTS outputs

  • 96kHz Sampling Frequency, 24 bit Resolution Audio D/A Converter With 96kHz/24 bit Digital Output (when permitted by software provider)

  • Accurate Digital Servo For Precise Data Reading

  • Resume Function Lets You Stop The Movie And Resume Playback From Where You center Off

  • Condition Memory Recalls Set-up Conditions Such As Language, Subtitle, Aspect Ratio And Mode For Up To 15 Discs

  • S-Video Output

  • Analog Audio Output

  • Digital Coaxial Audio Out

  • Component Video Output

VCR Features:

  • Quick Drive System

  • 6 Head system

  • Hi-Fi Stereo recording and playback

  • Digital Nicam stereo sound

  • Pal - Secam - NTSC 4.43 - NTSC 3.58 recording and playback

  • NTSC playback on PAL TV

  • Pal playback on PAL TV

  • NTSC playback on NTSC TV

  • Digital Auto Tracking

  • Automatic Head Cleaner

  • Fully automatic operation

  • NTSC playback speeds: SP-LP-EP

  • NTSC recording speeds: SP-EP

  • Pal/Secam speeds: SP-LP recording and playback

  • On Screen Display with 1 year programmable timer (Pal - Secam only)

  • 1 Year timer back up system

  • Rear AV Input and Output

  • Tuners for PAL B/G, D/K, I and MESECAM B/G, D/K (For all countries except France, Brazil and Argentina)


  • Remote

  • Batteries for Remote

  • Instruction manual

  • Stereo AV cables

  • RF Cable


Can be used with the below converter to play any dvd and any VHS cassette on any tv in the world.